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It’s an old joke.

I don’t smoke anymore.
Sure. But I don’t smoke any less…

A college 
friend used to use the line about drinking (this is the same friend who proposed dropping to the ground and eating grass when under attack).   

But this time it’s true. About quitting smoking I mean. I am officially a non-smoker. And not just me. I know several people who’ve called it quits. For instance, Maggie Larson, Angela Parenza and Nancy Duncan. Oh, yeah. And Clancy Jane’s friend, Christine. Go us!

I know, I know. 3 months in I am reticent to call myself a non-smoker. There is the widely held theory that, whereupon one considers himself or [read with Monty Python accent]herself addicted, that same one ought to identfiy as being in perpetual recovery. One day at a time and all that.

But then there’s this guy, recently deceased, whose Easyway plan refutes that basic tenet noted above and held so dear by most clinicians, recovering addicts and support groups. And it was even reported on by the BBC (Hospital Stubs Out Bad Example)! Still. I know what a hard time I’ve had, and I can’t bring myself to believe anything about quitting iseasy

Smoking Skull (C) 2008